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Eligibility & Pension Information

Zenith Adminstrators
2250 S. Rancho , Suite 295
Las Vegas, NV 89102
702-734-8601 Office
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If you want to know when your insurace is going to kick in or how much money has been reported in on your LOCAL PENSION these are the people to call. If you are told that you are eligible for Insurance, you’ll need to fill out an Insurance packet. You can receive your insurance packets from The BAC Local 13 Union Hall or at the address above. You will need to accompany your completed forms with *. Marriage Certificate copy (If Married), *Spouses ID, & Social Security card * Children’s Birth Certificates and Social Security Card’s copy/copies. These documents are required in order for your spouse and child/children to be covered.

**Reminder** In order to become eligible for Health Benefits you must have 360 hours with in 4 consecutive months, (even if you received your 360 hours in the first month you still need hours reported for the following 2 months in order to be eligible the 1st date of the 6th month). There is a 2-month lag after you have met eligibility so your insurance will not be active until the first day of the 6th month.

Once you become eligible you will need to provide the following information:

For Yourself: Social Security Card and Valid ID
For your spouse: Copy of Marriage Certificate, Nevada ID & Social Security Card
For your dependants
Copy of Social Security Card/Cards & Birth Certificate/Certificates

Dues & Initiation payments owing & received:

P.O. Box 93055
Las Vegas, NV 89193
Telephone: (702) 953-9347

If you want to know where you stand on your dues or how much you owe on your initiation these are the people to call. The processing office is where you send your local dues and your balance of initiation. Shon handles our Local and he is always happy to help you out with any questions. REMEMBER: We DO NOT accept Checks or Cash so please mail money orders only, credit cards are accepted but there is a processing fee. All dues are $27.00 per: month. You do not want to become more than 2 months delinquent, you at that time will be suspended and on the 1st day of the 3rd month you are dropped. At that time you will have to pay all back dues plus a reinstatement fee of $80 for each 6 month period, it can get very expensive.

(New Provider - No longer Nevada Pacific Dental)
Nevada Dental Benefits (effective 01/01/2011) 702-478-2031
Vision VSP 800-877-7195
Medical Health PLan of NV 702-242-7300 Toll Free 800-777-1874
Mental Health OPTION (HPN) 800-873-2246

Health Plan of Nevada Medical Benifits

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