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Message From
Director Crawford
March 24, 2020

To all members:

Information Regarding Impact of Covid-19 on District Council Operations

  1. Jobsuites may remain open in the Mountain West ADC

    Please be advised that CONSTRUCTION WORK IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE GOVERNOR’S NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESS SHUTDOWN STAY HOME ORDER. Accordingly, unless the jobsite owners determine otherwise, all of our construction work may continue in line with CDC guidelines regarding maintaining a safe distance while we perform our work.

    Members who choose to go to work may do so. Please follow guidelines provided by CDC to keep you and your family safe. The below link will give you up to date information as well as provide necessary tips to keep you and your family safe.
  2. Information about Unemployment Benefits

    This week I have been questioned by numerous members who are concerned about their health on the job sites. They’ve asked, ‘If they refuse to go to work would they be able to collect unemployment compensation’?

    I had a conference calls with several states over the last few days and they have relaxed the rules on this. If you can document your concerns about the job site, (lack of clean washrooms, hand sanitizers too many bodies in a close quarter, etc.) you may apply for unemployment compensation.

    If you must stay home to care for your children due to the closing of the schools, you too may apply for unemployment compensation, and the contractors cannot deny your request.

    For more details on unemployment benefits in your state, please go to the unemployment websites for all states listed below:

  3. Contact Information if you have Questions

    Although our Local Union offices and Fringe Benefit Fund Offices are closed to visitors and members for the time being, you can still reach the Council’s Business Reps on their cell phones with any questions you may have. Their contact information is provided for you below:

    • Director;   Richard Crawford   702-210-1040
    • Sec/ Treasurer;   Anthony Ivester   702-588-1223
    • Specialty Field Rep;   Eduardo Zavala   702-580-6879
    • Compliance rep;   Jacob Gonzalez   702-280-7748
    • Colorado – Wyoming:   Jerome Gondek   303-801-7810
    • Utah Rep:   Richard Carr   801-243-7516
    • Arizona Rep:   Jacob Gonzalez   702-280-7748

    In addition, you can also call your local Union Halls at the below numbers. Please leave a message and your call will be returned:

    • HQ for MWADC Las Vegas   702-873-0332   13 Nevada
    • Colorado – Wyoming:   303-777-0298   07CO/WY
    • Utah   801-972-5087   01UT
    • Arizona-New Mexico   602-273-7571   03AZ/NM

    We appreciate your patience at this time and will get back to you if you leave a message so please do so.

    Please also note that your fringe benefits will not be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, the administrators of your plans will continue to operate. If you need to contact your Fringe Benefit Office, please contact them directly at:

    NV : (702) 734-8601 e-mail:
    NM :

I am aware of how difficult this has been on all the members and their families. These are unprecedented times we are all going through. Please take care in observing what is asked of you from the health officials. We all need to stay safe for our families and loved ones.

You may also go to our website at or our Facebook page for updates and more information.

In solidarity,
Richard Crawford
Director MW ADC

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